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Kingswood knights

Department of athletics


Kingswood knights

Department of athletics

Kingswood knights

Department of athletics

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

10 months ago

Girls Varsity Tennis vs. Plymouth Regional HS School

Game Date
May 14, 2018

The Kingswood Girls Tennis Team upset fifth place Plymouth 6 to 3 on Monday, May 14th at Plymouth despite the #1 Marina Eneeva being on the wrong side of a tiebreaker.  Kara Phu and Rebecca Coache had important singles wins.  Maddie Ward and Grace Saunders won both singles and doubles.  After the Ward/Saunders match-deciding 5th win for the team,  Kingswood's  #1 doubles team of Eneeva and Phu made it a decisive  6-3 victory with their 8-3 win.    Here are all the details:

2018 Girls Tennis at Plymouth – Match #13

Monday, May 14, 2018

Coach Tom Merrell


Singles                                                                             Score                    Record


#1      Marina Eneeva                  Kaylie Sampson          8-9 TB3-7   P         6-6                                                                 

#2      Kara Phu                             Hannah Bellerose              8-5         K         6-4


#3      Rebecca Coache                Kacie Collins                        8-6        K         4-7                                                                            

#4      Danielle Schillereff          Christina Furgal                  4-8       P         1-8                                                                             

#5      Maddie Ward                     Jocelyn LaClair                    8-3      K         7-3                                                                             

#6      Grace Saunders                Lydia Mardin                         8-3      K         9-3                                                               



#1      Eneeva / Phu                     Sampson/Collins                          8-3                K         4-4


#2      Coache/Schillereff           Furgal/ Bri Custance                  5-8                 P         3-4


#3      Ward/Saunders              Bellerose / Khalilah                   

                                                                                    Abdul-Jabbar    9-7                 K         10-3


                                             Match Score                      Kingswood Record


          _Kingswood______6____Plymouth_____3___                 ____7-6___


Plymouth Coaches:______Diane and Tony DeNardo______________________




________________Mickayla and Emily vs Plymouth____1-8_________________________________



________________Hannah and Kasey vs Plymouth____8-6_________________________________
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