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Kingswood knights

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Kingswood knights

Department of athletics

Kingswood knights

Department of athletics

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Game Summary

1 year ago

CoEd Varsity XC Skiing vs. Multiple Opponents

Game Date
Feb 3, 2018

As you know, the official results of yesterday's race are posted at
I have picked out the Kingswood results and forwarded them to the paper.
Also:  thank you to all the parents who came to help and to support the team.
Also:  Thank you to Bobbi Boudman who took the time to compare this year's results to last year's for those who raced the course both years.  I have also copied and pasted that.
We are gearing up for Tuesday's home race now.
Here is what I sent to the Granite State news:
All of the results are on
For the Boys A
Jim Huckman   51st of 127 finishers in 18:32.5
Adam Richardson 85th in 20:21.0
Axel Plache 88th in 20:27.1
David Sandoval in 20:32.5   (and 28th of 92 in the U16 competition)
For the Girls A
Sarah Bellefleur    39th of 120 finishers  (and 19th in the U16 competition of 125)
Sarah Huckman 51st in 22:39.9
Sarah Bean    64th in 23:33.1
Allison Bean  93rd in 25:53.0
Sarah Hotchkiss  100th in 26:34.9
For the Boys B
Devin Holt   62nd of 77 in 25:37.9
For the Girls B
Rosemary Carpenter  17th of 95 in 25:41 and 53rd of 125 in U16 competition)
Liz Morrison  28th in 26:57.9   (and 64th in U16)
Sarah Carpenter  37th in 27:39.8  (and 72nd in U16)
Carolyn Day  54th in 29:30.2  (and 84th in U16)
Ashley Diamond  85th in 36:41.6  (and 117th in U16)
For the Middle School Boys
Jackson Boudman  29th of 77 in 24:03.6
Tim Huckman  56th in 28:14.8
Aidan Thompson  67th in 32:26.7
Robbie Hotchkiss  69th in 33:51.4
For the Middle School Girls
Ginger Plache  11th of 85 in 23:35.1  (she would have scored for our high school team!)
Marcella DeNitto   34th in  26:42.7
We are hosting the Abenaki Sprints on Tuesday, February 6th at 2 p.m.   These will be classical this year.
One of our team parents put together a time comparison for returning skiers who also raced at last year's NH Series race.  Here it is:
Hi Coach,

I thought it would be fun to look at what your team did last year at Whitaker Woods vs. this year, since a few of the kids said it was the same course.

Your middle schoolers definitely dropped time, and everyone dropped but the Bean sisters who basically stayed the same.  I'm too tired to put this is seconds, but I assume it’s easy enough to understand as a fraction of a minute.

Sarah Bean  22:41 (23.33 this year .92)

Sarah Huckman 23:10 (22.39 this year -0.71)

Sarah Bellefleur 23:19 (22.04 this year -1.15)

Allison Bean 25:16 (25.53 this year .37)

Sarah Hotchkiss 28:55 (26.34 this year -2.21)

Jim Huckman 19:43  (18.32 this year -1.11)

Axel Plache 20:59 (20.27 this year -.32)

Adam Richardson 21:19 (20.21 this year -.98)

David Sandoval 27:25 (20.32 this year -6.93)

Ginger Plache (time listed as David’s time in e-mail, but from memory of that race, she probably dropped about 6 minutes)

Tim Huckman 33:01 (28.14 this year -4.87)

Jackson Boudman 34:02 (24.03 this year -9.99)

Robbie Hotchkiss 38:43 (33.51 this year -4.92)
Coach Tom Merrell
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